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My goal is to empower builders, investors, and sellers with data driven real estate results.  Advising consumers how to treat real estate as a wealth building tool by curating dynamic portfolios in the greater Orlando area.  All this while ensuring the consumer's peace of mind and bottom line.  Experience the genuine difference and book a consultation today.  Click below to learn more about my background and career as a real estate agent.   


Experience You Can Trust


Looking for a home tailored to your specific needs? Land acquisition poses its own set of challenges. Working with a seasoned professional can mitigate these concerns.



It is important prior to working with a professional that the investor's expectations are heard. There are a myriad of approaches to building real estate portfolios to consider in addition to mastering the art of flipping properties.

True turnkey service goes far beyond the rudimentary property listing. It begins from  the moment you consider showcasing your property and extends well after the closing table. Concierge service offers savvy sellers an elevated experience seldom seen in transactional real estate.